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Different benefits are available on student or youth tariffs depending on the airline

Each airline offers a different set of benefits to students and young travellers.

Many airlines give student and youth discounts which make flight prices considerably lower for you.

Free rebooking
Free rebooking

Often airlines allow students and young travellers to rebook for free at least once, sometimes as often as you like.

Extra luggage

Many airlines allow students and young travellers an extra bag free of charge or an additional 20kg of luggage.

Special Perks
Special Perks

In addition to the above some airlines offer Free Wi-Fi, Companion Passes or 10 flights for a flat fee as well as many other perks.

Free Badge
Extra Miles

Of course airlines want students and young travellers to travel with them for many years to come so a lot of them give you extra miles.

A Heart
CO2 Offset

Some airlines know that our generation –GenZ – is a lot more environmentally conscious. Free carbon offsets are offered.

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